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Workers Compensation

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Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a mandatory insurance package that protects employees in the line of duty. The insurance package covers corporate employees who become ill, get injured, or become disabled due to their duties for the corporation they work for.

The compensation package provides employees with adequate financial benefits calculated based on the severity of the illness or injury sustained on the job. Workers’ Compensation Insurance is government-mandated in the United States for the safety and protection of all workers.


  • Partial wage replacement
  • Reimbursement for healthcare services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Death Benefits

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance will provide medical coverage for the employee’s injuries in the line of duty. If the employee is unable to work due to the injury that has been sustained, a calculated portion of their wage will be paid to them until they are ready to return to work. If rehabilitation is needed, the compensation package includes occupational therapy to help the employee get back on their feet. The employee’s family will be financially compensated if the employee passes away in the line of duty.

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