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Motorcycle Insurance

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Motorcycle Insurance?

At Laguna Pacific Insurance, we understand that motorcycle accident can significantly impact your life and finances. Statistically, 3% of all accidents in the United States in 2022 involved motorcycles. We aim to give you peace of mind that your motorcycle is covered if an accident occurs or other damages are inflicted upon your motorcycle. This may include road accidents, fires, vandalism, key recovery, natural disasters, etc. We understand that motorcycle damage can cost a fortune and that most people don’t have the financial liberty to cover the costs. Unexpected damages can occur at any time, and it’s essential to expect the best but be prepared for the worst. That’s why motorcycle insurance should be number 1 on your priority list. Especially if a team is insuring your motorbike as compassionate as ours at Laguna Pacific Insurance, your motorbike couldn’t be in better hands!

Factors Considered in the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance

  • Driver’s age
  • Driving experience
  • Accident and claim history
  • Record of traffic violations
  • Bike make and model
  • Area of use
  • Type of cover requested

What does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Motorcycle insurance covers the costs of damages to your vehicle and the other person’s vehicle due to an accident. You will also be covered in the event of theft or hijacking. Should your motorcycle be damaged by fire or natural causes such as floods, hailstorms, volcanic eruptions, or falling branches, any damages received will be paid in full to the amount stipulated in your policy. Motorcycle insurance also covers towing services should you be involved in a motorcycle accident. If you lose your motorcycle keys, a recovery team will be sent out to assist you in recovering your keys and getting your motorcycle started. Suppose your motorcycle is classified as a write-off after an accident. In that case, you will be covered for the costs of a replacement motorcycle to the amount stipulated in your policy.


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