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Renters Insurance

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Renters Insurance

A common misconception is that a renter’s belongings are covered under the landlord’s homeowners insurance cover. Unfortunately, most renters need to realize that the landlord’s homeowners insurance policy only covers damages to the physical property, which leaves the renter’s belongings unprotected. That is why Renters Insurance is a crucial policy for every renter. It is a great way to protect your personal belongings if something gets damaged, destroyed, or stolen. At Laguna Pacific Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your personal belongings. That is why we provide renters with comprehensive coverage for their personal belongings, provided that the damage or loss is not inflicted intentionally.


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What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters Insurance lets you know that your personal belongings will be covered if a fire, lightning, or flood damages them. You will also be covered in the event of theft or third-party vandalism. Suppose your living conditions become unbearable due to damages, and you are forced to vacate the premises. In that case, your Renters Insurance policy will cover the cost of secondary accommodation while you wait for your primary accommodation to be repaired.

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