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Bonds Insurance

Are you looking for a sense of security while decreasing the interest rates of your loans and bonds? With Laguna Pacific Insurance, you don’t have to worry about going bankrupt or falling behind on your loan repayments. We will pay the required debt to all of your bondholders in the event you declare bankruptcy or run into a financial predicament. This means that you can rest assured that your debts will be taken care of, and your credit rating will improve immensely. You will also receive much lower interest rates from your bondholders, which, in turn, will save you money until you get back on your feet.

Benefits of Bond Insurance

  • Higher credit rating
  • Guaranteed repayment of bonds
  • Coverage in the event of death or disability
  • Coverage in the event of bankruptcy
  • Better interest rates

What Does Bond Insurance Cover?

Bond Insurance is a budget-friendly way to ensure that your debts are paid when you reach a financial downfall. At Laguna Pacific Insurance, we will pay your bonds and debts when you are unable to. In the event that you declare bankruptcy and cannot afford your property anymore, we will cover your monthly installments to give you peace of mind that your property will remain in your hands.

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